2nd Grade Curriculum Overview

The primary focus of second grade at St. John's Lutheran School is to continue building strong language arts and math skills along with developing a higher level of independence as learners. The curriculum emphasizes personal responsibility for remembering to complete work assignments and using time in the classroom wisely.  Individual needs of students are addressed to allow for growth and success.


  • Religion— Bible lessons emphasize the miracles of Jesus and give an understanding that Jesus loves the students and is with them at all times. Children also learn to rejoice that we can trust God in all things. Weekly memory verses serve as reinforcement of God's Word.

Language Arts

  • Language Arts— Common Core standards guide the second grade Language Arts curriculum.  Working through skills mastery is the major goal for becoming competent independent readers. Students will learn how to listen for details, engage in conversation, follow directions, listen to others, determine order, classify and categorize information, determine main ideas, identify characters and setting, predict outcomes, and identify problems. Students continue to develop their writing skills by formulating questions and answers, distinguishing between complete and incomplete sentences, utilizing proper capitalization and punctuation skills, as well as determining nouns, verbs, prefixes, suffixes, contractions, adverbs, and adjectives. Students learn to write complete sentences, paragraphs, stories, poetry, and letters. Students will also develop their reading skills through the use of the Accelerated Reader program, which is a computer-based program used to strengthen comprehension. 


  • Math— The math curriculum is also based on Common Core standards. Students learn proficiency in counting, reading and writing numbers, addition and subtraction of two and three digit numbers, and identification of even and odd numbers. They explore fractions, learn to tell time, work with a calendar, measure length/weight, and also work with money by identifying its value. In addition, problem solving skills are a major component of the curriculum.  Second graders also learn to record and analyze data with charts and graphs.  


  • Science— Students learn through reading and investigation.  Topics of study include plants and animals, environments and energy, rocks and fossils, weather, matter, motion, and forces.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies— Students learn about their neighborhood, city, state, country, and the world they live in. They also study the different places people live and work, our Earth and its resources, our country today and long ago, and people and places in history.


  • Computer— Students continue to learn basic typing skills including lessons on capitalization, indenting, adding spaces, and inserting pictures into their work. They also use online games and resources from our reading and math curriculum.


  • Art/PE— Children are exposed to both physical and cultural experiences that will continue to help them grow.


  • Music — The students have many opportunities to explore music while in the classroom.  They also serve as a choir that enhances the worship at St. John’s Lutheran Church.

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