3rd Grade Curriculum Overview

The primary focus of our third grade at St. John's Lutheran School is to continue to develop a higher level of independence as learners. The curriculum emphasizes personal responsibility for remembering to complete work assignments and developing a sense of responsibility for themselves and the expectations of the teacher.  Organizational skills are taught and reinforced regularly, and the needs of the students are addressed individually so that each child has an opportunity to grow and succeed.


  • Religion— Students develop a desire to grow in their personal faith in Jesus and are encouraged to come to God regularly in prayer. Third graders recognize God's power to save and help us.  They also learn that God is a merciful Father who loves and protects his people. Third graders will read excerpts from the Bible and have a concept of chapter and verse. The Ten Commandments and their meanings are learned and applied to daily living.

Language Arts

  • Language Arts— Common core standards guide what is emphasized in the different forms of literature that are introduced. Reading, comprehension, decoding, and vocabulary skills are emphasized. Students continue to interpret and evaluate nonfiction, fantasy, biography, poetry, fiction, narrative, plays, and folk literature. Students continue to work on their writing skills by focusing on constructing paragraphs with topic sentences and supporting details. Students will write letters, thank you notes, invitations, explanations, descriptions, stories, and poetry. The Accelerated Reader tests continue to be utilized to strengthen comprehension. Handwriting focuses on cursive writing, and printing is reviewed for map work.


  • Math— The new math curriculum adopted for this school year is based on common core standards.  Math concepts are applied daily, and there is the continued development of problem solving skills. Multiplication and division are also key lessons in the curriculum along with decimals, geometric concepts, and money.


  • Science— The third graders learn interesting lessons about plants, pollination, the life cycle of butterflies, the food chain, living things, weather, the earth’s surface, evaporation and condensation concepts, hurricanes/tornadoes, and the solar system.

Social Studies

  • Social Studies— Third grade focuses on the American Revolution, the thirteen colonies, Declaration of Independence, voting and elections, culture in the early 1900s, imports/exports, technology in manufacturing, international trade, Native Americans, and Christmas traditions across the world. Students also develop and enhance their map skills in their geography units and through the use of Daily Geography.


  • Computer— Students use the computer to work on special projects such as the Young Writers books or Learning Fair projects.


  • Art/PE— Children are exposed to both physical and cultural experiences that will continue to help them grow. President Fitness testing is prepared for and completed during the year.


  • Music— All third graders participate in the Children’s Choir and have many opportunities to explore music in the classroom and through the use of boom sticks, hand drums, tone chimes, and bells.  They also use these skills to enhance the worship at St. John’s Lutheran Church and to share their joy of music performance with those in some of the area's assisted living facilities.

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