About Us


St. John’s Lutheran School celebrated its 150th anniversary of the school’s founding during the 2016/2017 school year. What a strong educational ministry it has provided for the community during all those years!

The legacy of longevity demonstrates its solid foundation. The progressive transition over many, many decades from a small wooden building in 1866 to a multi-floor building that includes an exploratory science room, library, art center, large movement room, music room, gymnasium, and the use of modern technology illustrates St. John’s responsiveness to meeting the needs of our students today.


St. John’s Lutheran School is a growing, vibrant Christian school of choice in the Fox River Valley where qualified, caring teachers work as a team to create an inspiring education opportunity. Here engaged students are guided to reach their full potential in Christ and are equipped to lead and serve in our ever changing world.

Philosophy & Purpose

St. John’s Lutheran School believes God:

  • uniquely created us
  • divinely forgives us
  • lovingly equips us
  • and patiently guides us

Therefore, we are called to provide a Gospel-permeated learning environment whose purpose is empowering the leaders of tomorrow to be disciples of Christ today, firmly grounded in faith, and solidly equipped to live in service to God and others.


In doing our work of education ministry, we at St. John’s Lutheran School value:

Christian faith – Our faith in the Triune God inspires us to proclaim, celebrate, and live the truth of our salvation.

Community – As unique individuals, God has called us through the bond of faith to work together in support, care, and love for one another.

Learning – Steady growth in faith and knowledge equips each person to live the vocation to which he or she is called.

Excellence – All God’s actions towards us are perfect, and we respond by providing the most engaging learning opportunities and striving for the highest quality standards in all we do.

Service – We reflect God’s love for us in Christ by helping each other grow into responsible citizens, devoted to family and involved in church.


St. John’s Lutheran School offers educational opportunities to any student age preschool to second grade. All of our programs are fully recognized by the State of Illinois, which conducted its most recent evaluation of the school in 2023.

Full accreditation was granted for St. John’s school by National Lutheran School Accreditation as a result of their visit to the school and evaluation of its programs and plans.