Strategic Focus for 2016/2017

Mainly the work of principal and faculty

  • Curriculum offering
    • Study science curriculum and explore new textbook possibilities.
    • Continue to develop Chromebook use to enrich education of upper grade students.
    • Complete write-up of math curriculum based on new math series.
  • Professional Growth
    • Attend LEA Convocation and use benefits from it to enhance student learning.
    • Principal to carry out existing staff development plan with teacher goal setting, personal teacher/principal meetings, and evaluation. 
    • Plan and conduct intentional staff development for inservice days.
    • Explore a plan to enable teachers to observe colleagues.
    • Principal to support teachers during challenging situations.
    • Focus on team building.
    • Plan regular department meetings to focus on grade level specifics.
    • Hold full faculty meetings that focus on a particular subject area.
  • Technology
    • Begin an active technology committee.
    • Complete technology grant request.
  • Policy Work
    • Carry out specifics of admissions policy.
    • Finalize wording on promotion/retention policy.
    • Refine and expand school discipline code.
  • Engage parents as active volunteers.

Primarily the work of the school board

  • Identify a vision that is coordinated with values and strategic activities.
  • Continue project to review, edit, and update existing policies.
  • Conduct annual review of board operating manual.
  • Complete staff job descriptions.
  • Study preschool offering and plan new preschool classes for 2017/2018.
  • Develop plan for SOS hours.
  • Manage, revise, and update website.
  • Prepare for, promote, and conduct annual fund appeal.
  • Plan and conduct board professional development.

Work of the Church Leadership Council and other committees

  • Conduct a year long celebration worthy of a history of 150 years of St. John’s School ministry.
  • Review budget and make revised projections, include financial modelling.
  • Plan for and conduct annual dinner auction.
  • Review salary and benefit scale.
  • Create and communicate a professional code of conduct.

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