St. John’s works hard to provide a quality Christian learning environment for interested families.  The admissions process is designed to help you get to know what St. John’s can provide for your student, while also giving us a chance to get to know you and your family.  We have found that a solid relationship between our school and the families we serve, helps to ensure that St. John’s will be able to meet the specific education needs of your young learner.

So…look around the website and then call our school at 847-741-7633 to talk with our admissions counselor, schedule a tour of our campus, and see firsthand why St. John’s is an excellent opportunity for your child.

Enrollment Process

Let’s get started!

We welcome the opportunity to walk with your family through this time of exploration and enrollment.

Enrollment is an easy three-step process that students must complete before they are considered enrolled with the final decision on acceptance being the responsibility of the administrator.

St. John’s Lutheran School admits students in accordance with its non-discrimination policy and in compliance with the following two requirements. Students must meet the current Illinois age and enrollment requirements. Transfer students must have satisfactorily completed the previously enrolled grade and provide evidence of the ability to achieve satisfactorily at the grade level for which they are applying.

Step 1 – Apply

The first step in the process is for the prospective family to work with our Admissions Counselor to receive, complete, and submit the enrollment application and schedule a campus visit.

Download Application

You can reach our Admissions Counselor by calling (847) 741-7633 or by filling out the “Visit Us!” form.

Step 2 – Meet

A family meeting with the administrator will be scheduled. At this meeting, the administrator and parents will discuss academic, social, and spiritual goals along with the expectations of St. John’s Lutheran School. Special needs, if there are any, will be shared so that the administrator can determine whether or not the school can meet these special needs. A tuition payment plan will also be selected at this time.

If the student is transferring from another school, the records request form must be completed and sent to the previously attended school. Once the administrator receives the records and reviews them, parents will be notified regarding acceptance. Further evaluation of the student may be necessary at this point. If the school year begins before the student’s records are received, the student is allowed to attend St. John’s Lutheran School under the conditions described by the Enrollment Probationary Period Policy.

Step 3 – Acceptance

Following acceptance, all of the remaining registration materials need to be completed and/or submitted to the Admissions Counselor accompanied by the appropriate registration fees.

Tuition & Fees

Registration fees cover all of the expenses involved with school that are not related to the salary and benefits of the staff.  This would include textbooks, school technology upgrades, and expenses, paper, copier maintenance, teaching resources, conferences and memberships, ink and toner, etc.  We have tried to be as fair and accurate as possible in our forecasting, as these expenses vary from year to year. There are also additional fees based on consumption and activities for specific grades.

Registration Fee

Preschool - 2 to 3 Days
Preschool - 4 Days
Preschool - 5 Days
Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Additional Fees

Preschool & KG Milk Fee
Technology Fee
KG: $50, Grade 1: $75
New Family Application Fee

2024-2025 Tuition

Half Day Preschool

2 Half Days/Week
3 Half Days/Week
4 Half Days/Week
5 Half Days/Week

Full Day Preschool

2 Full Days/Week
3 Full Days/Week
4 Full Days/Week
5 Full Days/Week

Kindergarten – 1st Grade

One Child
Before 3/1 - $5,850 | After 3/1 - $6,000
Two Children
Before 3/1 - $9,650 | After 3/1 - $9,900
Each Additional Child
Before 3/1 - $2,350 | After 3/1 - $2,400

Grants & Financial Aid

Through the generous donations of St. John’s alumni families and the congregation of St. John’s Lutheran Church, grants and financial aid are available.  Families who need additional financial assistance are encouraged to contact the school office for more details.