New Video Released!

St. John’s Lutheran School. What a wonderful place of opportunity it is! Here, students can reach their full potential in Christ by growing in friendship, knowledge, and faith.

These are the opening words of a new informational video that has just finished production. Video snippets combined with a descriptive voiceover vividly depict how St. John’s students experience such a wonderful chance to learn and grow. What an inspiring program the school offers for every child!

Fully Accredited!

After a thorough self-study and a two and a half day on site visit by professional educators, St. John's Lutheran School has been granted full accreditation from National Lutheran School Accreditation.  The certificate was presented by Mr. Keith Wilharm who is the NLSA consultant for the Northern Illinois District and also a graduate of St. John's School.

Parent/Teacher Communication Maximizes Student Success

Students are always the ones to benefit when parents and teacher communicate and team together for meeting the student's needs.  Parent/Teacher meetings are Thursday, November 19th, from 3-8 P.M. and Friday, November 20th, from 8 to noon. 100% participation helps each student succeed.

Smiles Everywhere!

Eager students and dedicated teachers greeted the first day of school with happy smiles.   Parents too added their excitement and positive outlook for the year ahead with words like: “This is going to be a great year.”  “I am really looking forward to this year.” “I am excited for my children.”   Now we all work together to live out that special year ahead.

Mrs. Yocius and a student