St. John's is now accepting appointments for tours of the school.  Call 847-741-7633 and schedule a personal tour that will show you all the wonderful advantages of learning in this school community.  

Parent/Teacher Communication Maximizes Student Success

Students are always the ones to benefit when parents and teacher communicate and team together for meeting the student's needs.  Parent/Teacher meetings are Thursday, November 19th, from 3-8 P.M. and Friday, November 20th, from 8 to noon. 100% participation helps each student succeed.

Smiles Everywhere!

Eager students and dedicated teachers greeted the first day of school with happy smiles.   Parents too added their excitement and positive outlook for the year ahead with words like: “This is going to be a great year.”  “I am really looking forward to this year.” “I am excited for my children.”   Now we all work together to live out that special year ahead.

Mrs. Yocius and a student


St. John's Celebrates Lutheran School Week

During the week of January 26th, St. John's staff and students will celebrate the opportunities provided at our school to learn and grow as students and as Christians. Special events are planned throughout the week.  These include a literature-based movie complete with snacks, special time with reading buddies, the Scholastic “Under the Sea” book fair, and a chance for students to display their work as a young author.  

The traditional close and highlight of the week will be the Young Author preview night on Thursday from 5:30 to 7:00 P.M. and the VIP breakfast, chapel and Young Author Display on Friday morning.  The Young Author preview night and the VIP activities welcome people special to our students and are also open to those interested in learning more about what the students at St. John's experience.

Inspired by Ingenuity

preschoolers paintingFrom the creativity of our very youngest students to the advanced critical thinking of our older classes, St. John's continually works to meet the real needs of students today.  The teachers prepare their students' learning experiences to create opportunities for developing 21st Century learning skills as they practice critical thinking and problem solving with their students, enhance their communication skills, work to teach positive collaboration, and strive to inspire creativity within each child.  Newer approaches such as these, that also utilize a variety of technology advances, not only outperform older methods of teaching and learning, but they also do a superior job of equipping the students of today to successfully embrace their future.

By providing learning that is more active and student-focused, St. John’s faculty inspires ingenuity within each student and excites a greater passion for learning.