Spirit of Serving

St. John’s is a place where families and school staff work together.  Volunteer parents are an integral part of our church and school.  Without our parent volunteers, many programs and activities would simply not be possible.  Volunteers do not need to be limited to parents, however; any adult extended family member is welcome to become involved. Opportunities to serve are as varied as the talents of those who send children to St. John's.  

S.O.S. – The Spirit OServing is St. John's program to encourage and record parental participation hours.  Every family is responsible for a minimum of 30 hours of service over the course of the school year.  There are so many ways to serve the church and school that parents will have no problem exceeding that! During the course of the school year, opportunities to serve are continually made known. Hours served can be recorded on the report form and submitted to the school office. 

PAWS - St. John's parent group is called PAWS.  It involves parents in helping with both school and extra curricular activities.  All parents are automatically members of PAWS, and the level of participation parents have gives the chance to increasingly help the school, meet other parents, and enjoy helping with the events offered.  

SWIMMING HELPERS - Second and third graders swim at the Elgin Centre as part of their P.E. curriculum experience.  Each class swims for half of the school year for one hour on Friday afternoons.  Parents of a child in either of those two grades will need to assist in the locker room and walking or driving the children to and from The Centre.  Your child’s teacher will schedule parents to help at the appropriate time.

WEDNESDAY MORNING OFFICE CREW - This group of volunteers helps on Wednesday mornings to assemble the Paw Prints newsletter and also do projects for teachers.  They start at 8:00 A.M. and work any amount of time from 45 minutes to around two hours.

CROSSING GUARD - Parents and teachers work together at the end of the school day to assist with the safe exit of the students from school for one-half hour from 2:15 - 2:45.  This can be a daily or a once-in-a-while commitment.


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