Why teach art?

An education rich with instruction in the fine arts is important for all students.  While some districts may seek to save money by cutting art and music classes, St. John’s Lutheran School sees many benefits that the arts can bring to students of all ages.

Research has shown that an education rich in arts can help learners to:

  • develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • develop motor skills as well as verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • spark creativity and risk-taking
  • connects students to their culture and different cultures
  • improve classroom behavior
  • increase learning in other subjects


Visual Arts

From Preschool through 2nd grade, St. John students are exposed to a variety of different art techniques, media, methods, and tools that allow them to create a multitude of work. Interdisciplinary connections, aesthetic, cultural, and historical aspects of visual art are also explored. The majority of the classwork is hands-on art production.

Musical Arts


Students share their songs in worship and in performances throughout the year.

K-1 Choir at St. John Elgin

First Steps

First Steps in Music is a research-based curriculum using quality music and folk songs to help young children become musical. Activities help them learn to be tuneful (singing tunes and developing their singing voice), beatful (feeling the pulse of music), and artful (experiencing the expressive qualities in music).

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